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Bosch Event


Your app for BOSCH events worldwide


The BOSCH Event App is the official app for all BOSCH events worldwide. A social business tool which engages, connects and organizes your event attendees! The interactive app allows event attendees to:

  • View the event’s agenda items, filter session tracks and compile a personal agenda
  • Receive up-to-date event information and locate event details such as travel & venue information, WiFi password, parking information in the palm of your hand
  • Connect with fellow attendees and expand your professional network
  • Provide feedback to event organizers through in-app surveys and live polling

Basic Features of the BOSCH Event App:

  • Event Info/Travel and Venue
  • Agenda Management
  • Speaker List
  • Exhibitor/Marketplace
  • Maps
  • File Upload
  • Attendee Information

Interactive Features of the BOSCH Event App:

  • Activity Feed
  • Push Notifications
  • One-to-one Messaging
  • QR Codes

Feedback Features of the BOSCH Event App:

  • In-app Surveys
  • Live
  • Polling
  • Q&A

If you are interested in customizing the app for your next BOSCH event, contact a CI/DAD7 Digital and Social Business Consultant at: CI/DAD7 has an established relationship with the app's vendor SpotMe SA, a leading software provider of enterprise engagement platforms with a focus on live events, virtual meetings and engagement workspaces. The SpotMe platform is designed to thrill attendees, empower event organizers and provide effective analytics. Create engaging, interactive events with CI/DAD7 and SpotMe today!

Price:  Free