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Bosch InTrack Driver


InTrack Driver


The InTrack Driver App is a simple and powerful solution for transparent tour execution based on real-time data. Tour details can be downloaded to the app on the driver's smartphone via a QR code or SMS notification. During the trip, the tour is tracked via GPS and the driver only confirms on arrival at the respective tour stop. The app is so easy to use that the driver can comfortably use all functions before, during and after the tour with just a few entries. The back office has constant information about the route driven and can update the driver's tour if changes are made. In addition, deviations in product quality or quantity can be documented in real time using a photo and comment function. The Driver App makes you less dependent on paper documents and does not require any additional hardware - the driver's smartphone on the one hand and the PC in the back office on the other are sufficient. The advantages are obvious. The assigned driver works faster and more efficiently. The logistics planner tracks deliveries not only at container level, but also at material level. You always have an overview because all data is clearly prepared. Rely on maximum efficiency in your value chains and discover the advantages for your company. With the InTrack Driver App you are always one step ahead. Anyone who relies on InTrack Driver with their company also has a strong partner in the background. As the world's leading automotive supplier, Bosch has the know-how to optimize your logistics processes and supports you from implementation to productive use. All advantages at a glance

▶ Reliable GPS tracking in real time | You track the exact location of your deliveries and their arrival time

▶ Convenient transport assignment | The driver receives all necessary route information directly on his mobile device.

▶ Simplified proof of delivery | Integrated barcodes and QR codes in the app make you and your drivers less dependent on printed documents. This simplifies proof of delivery.

▶ Extensive deviation management | You recognize quality and quantity deviations even before the goods arrive and can react even faster.

▶ Clearly arranged backend | Employees can easily access all information on an order in one application - and thus quickly find out part and transport order numbers or quantities as required

▶ Flexible use | With the InTrack Driver App you don't need any additional hardware.

Price:  Free