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Bosch Levelling Remote

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Bosch Levelling Remote App - Facilitates your levelling jobs


Bosch Levelling Remote App enables you to conveniently control the Bosch GCL 2-50 C / CG Professional combi laser using Bluetooth on your smartphone.
Using the app, you can conveniently control the laser without having to even touch it, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency in your daily levelling tasks.
Main functions:
- Combi laser control: Standby mode, switch the receiver mode on/off, select the operating mode
- Power Control: Laser strength setting for optimum visibility and energy efficiency
- RM 3 control: Motorised alignment of the laser line at three different speed settings (RM 3 must be connected to the GCL 2-50 C / CG Professional)
- Status indicator for the battery charge level and other information

The app can be used in conjunction with the GCL 2-50 C / CG Professional combi laser and its RM 3 multifunctional mount.

Price:  Free
Category:  Productivity