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Bosch Project Assistant

Security Systems

The smart way for a more efficient video security project


Manage the planning, configuration, installation and reporting of video security projects with one single app, the Bosch Project Assistant app.

Off-site and without connection to the camera, basic configurations can already be set and shared with colleagues before the camera is even installed.

On site, those pre-configurations can simply be pushed onto the installed camera, making the installation and configuration procedure easier and less time consuming. Previously configured cameras can be integrated and updated as well. The camera's field of view can be viewed and adjusted along with other image settings via the app itself. A comprehensive report of the commissioned cameras is automatically generated.

With the free Bosch Project Assistant app you get a complete overview of a video security camera project, which makes planning, pre-configuration, commissioning and reporting more efficient, more transparent and more accessible. And, by delivering time-savings on your project of up to 30%, more profitable, too.
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The Bosch Project Assistant app features:
• Easy and quick configuration of basic camera settings with or without the camera present
• Offline and sharable pre-configuration and set up for higher efficiency
• Less manual data entry through data import from file and auto fill of IP addresses in a user defined range
• Streamlines convenience and practicality due to the clear separate steps all in one tool
• QR-code/Data-Matrix scan to quickly match configuration settings to camera
• MAC address identification on QR code guarantees the connection to the right camera
• Simple set up of camera field of view
• Easy image sharpening with focus peaking
• Comprehensive documentation and quick reporting of the installation (including video snapshots) for customers
• Export of project data to file or Dropbox to share with colleagues
• Clear overview of projects within a team

Available in Countries

iOS: All

Available in Languages

iOS: Dutch (nl), English(UK) (en-gb), English(US) (en-us), French (fr), German (de), Italian (it), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Portuguese(Brazilian) (zz), Russian (ru), Spanish (es), Turkish (tr)
Price:  Free
Countries:  Limited
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