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Deepfield Asparagus

Bosch.IO GmbH

Better asparagus quality due to precise temperature control.


Poor temperature management within the asparagus dam causes considerable quality loss. Excess temperature leads to hollow and ridged asparagus oropen buds. These losses can be up to 30 % of the yield!
Deepfield Connect - Asparagus Monitoring monitors the temperatures in the asparagus dam for you. It lets you keep an eye on your asparagus and gives you peace of mind. Temperature sensors at four different depths allow precise and reliable measurement throughout the whole
season. Safe and encrypted data transmisson to the Bosch cloud allows you to inspect your data anytime and anywhere.The Deepfield App gives you a quick overview of all your fields. It provides the field temperatures measured and the weather forecast at a glance.

Your Benefits

▶ Increasing quality and profit through exact temperature measurement in the dam
▶ Determination of the daily average dam temperatures: These are decisive!
▶ Estimation of the start of the harvest using temperature sums
▶ No more manual measurements
▶ Better understanding of your fields
▶ You can share the data with your advisor

Increase your profit!

For full functionality of the Deepfield Connect – Asparagus Monitoring App the corresponding Deepfield Connect Gateway and the Deepfield Connect ST4-Temperature sensor are needed.

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Available in Languages

iOS: Dutch (nl), English (en), French (fr), German (de), Italian (it), Spanish (es)
Android: Dutch (nl), English (en), French (fr), German (de), Italian (it), Spanish (es)
Price:  Free
Languages:  Limited
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