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Drivelog Connect


Give your car a voice


Please note: Drivelog Connector is required to use this app. Drivelog Connecter can be purchased at for € 69.90.

Drivelog Connect allows your car to speak to you. Combined with the drivelog connector (information on available at, your car directly connects with your smartphone. All the information on your car becomes available at your fingertips. This connection brings a safer, more comfortable, and less expensive automotive experience.

Drivelog Connect offers:

  • Displays real-time driving behavior. (Tips for efficient driving coming in the next update!)
  • Automotive diagnostics with automatically processed error messages
  • Workshop/Service Center locator. Call for help in the event of a breakdown.
  • Logbook for recording and storage of routes. Can separate for business and leisure travel.
  • Forget where you parked? Integrated Car-finder leads you back to your car.
  • Support for more efficient, economical, and safe driving.

More Information:

The Connect app runs on any smartphone with at least iOS 8. Requires a mobile data connection.

The current version is a fully functional beta. Once the full version is released automatic updates will be available.

While Drivelog Connect requires a Bluetooth connection, you can still use your other Bluetooth services such as music streaming and hands-free calling without disruption.

While the app is running in the background, both auto-diagnostics and driving records are generated automatically. These begin as soon as the car is started.

Note: the use of GPS in the background can greatly decrease phone battery life.

Price:  Free
Category:  Transportation