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Drive and Control Technology

The new Bosch Rexroth noise measuring app


Use your Android smartphone for quick, precise and easy noise measurements. After calibration, the accuracy comes close to that of a professional stand alone noise measuring device. (See below for a list of pre-calibrated smartphones.)

Additional advantages for Rexroth customers
Get your code to unlock extra functionality:
- Overall data recording for profiling the sound level in db over a time period. This could be used to check the sound level in different conditions (e.g external sound in a room when windows are closed or opened. Or check the noise inside a car at different gears). This data can be saved to a file for later analysis.
- Raw data recording for recording the sound as heard from the microphone. This sound is stored in .wav format hence captures every detail of the sound ( no compression). This recording can be saved for later playback or detailed analysis.

Further features
Learn more about the noise reducing technology of the innovative Rexroth gear pump SILENCE PLUS.


The ""Fit4SILENCE"" app is available in English language as a native app for Android (version 4.0 and higher). The noise measuring functions is pre-calibrated for highest possible accuracy for the following devices:
Galaxy S Duos, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S5, HTC One-X, Nexus S, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Moto E, Moto G, Galaxy S2,
Samsung Note 2, Samsung Note 3, HTC Butterfly, Xperia L, LG Optimus 7"

Price:  Free
Category:  Utilities

Requires OS 4.0 and up.