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Do you want to and remotely control the heating systems of your customers over the Internet? Would you like to gain a quick overview of the status of all heating systems of your customers and provide assistance or contact your customers from anywhere?

There now is a way! With the App Junkers Multihome, specially developed for installers and service organizations, this is achievable.

You can easily get the app using customer data and information on the heating system, as well as service appointments and better plan your service calls. Your advantage: to respond quicker to problems and simultaneously increase customer satisfaction.

How does the remote access the heating system?

Your client allows you to view their app Junkers Home’s remote access through the "read" or "Reading and changing" feature. Then you can login with your own password. After applying the customer data in the app Multihome, you will immediately receive all relevant information on the heating system and can easily access the customer’s facility. Your customer has the possibility of disabling the ability to remotely access the app at any time. In this case, your password will be erased and a new installation of the client is necessary.

Operating and monitoring functions:

  • Status display of the system (Operation / Maintenance / Troubleshooting / offline) as thumbnails or in Google Maps
  • Display current maintenance and fault messages
  • Target / actual and status values for the heating system with hot water tank

Adjust system time for the system controller -

Change summer / winter design temperature threshold and -
- Change modes, Timed and room temperature, the linked App Junkers Home
- Graphical display of indoor and outdoor temperature curve and the yield of a solar system for the current day or month, again with the link from the app Junkers Home

The operating concept of the app Junkers Multihome is similar to the intuitive app Junkers Home. The password-protected access to heating systems is ensured while maintaining a high level of security. It should be noted that forgotten passwords cannot be recovered.

Technical requirements:
To apply the app Junkers multihome, your customer needs:

  • A heating system with a Junkers Home-compatible controller
  • The communication module MB LAN (2) for communication between the Internet and the heating controller
  • A smartphone with Android version 2.3.2 and with a minimum resolution of 320 x 480 pixels
  • A router with LAN and W-LAN connector for connection of the communication module (router with a RJ45 connector free)
  • The app Junkers Home and the app Junkers multihome on iOS or Android device to

Note: The first two systems can be set up free of charge. You can expand up to 50 facilities (total cost per year 49.90 euros). You may incur additional costs for the Internet connection, rate of Internet flat is recommended.

Price:  Free
Category:  Connected Product

Requires OS 2.3.3 and up.