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14Q-Principles to improve the quality in the value stream.


Capable production processes and operations through out the entire value stream are decisive for the delivery quality of our products. We can only achieve zero defects if we identify and eliminate failure modes in every work step, define standards and consistently adhere to them. Derived from main errors of the past, the 14 Q-Basics for the value stream describe fundamental standards which will help us to achieve best quality. It is important that all associates are involved in the implementation of these standards and in the continuous improvement process. Only then we shall have failure-free processes and permanently satisfied customers.

The 14Q-Basic Value Stream Assessment App is a newly designed app to facilitate the work of the assessors in the value stream context. With the iPad a new possibility to make your work more efficient and the process replaces files and paper. The app supports an assessor during preparation, execution and evaluation of a 14Q-Basic Value Stream Assessment.
You are given the opportunity to compare an assessment created within the 14Q-Basic Value Stream Assessment App with the actual result of the current assessment.

Some of the main features are:

Adhoc reporting
Handwriting recognition
Photo capture and editing
Email dispatch, OPL-function, note pad, filter functions
PDF/excel assessment report
Upload/download of documents via iTunes and e-mail

System Requirements
iOS 10.x / iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, X

Data can be used only by the user and the developer has no opportunity to access your data.

Price:  Free
Category:  Business Tools