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SCD Sensor App

Automotive Electronics

One simple sensor for I4.0 and logistics


With built-in sensors for vibration, tilt, shock, temperature, magnetic fields and ambient light intensity, the general purpose sensor SCD110 provides answers to many general questions in I4.0. The sensor data is acquired by a water proof and dust resistant device and reported wirelessly via bluetooth low energy (BLE v4.2). Designed as a basic feature device, SCD110 enables wide spread use across many applications thus generating data to accomplish your I4.0 strategy based on machine learning.

ONE PLATFORM - INFINITE POSSIBILITIES Sense Connect Detect | SCD Sensing Features

▶▶Temperature: Identify temperature changes/ drifts and configure an alert when temperature goes out of range. Sense temperature profiles for machinery to compare performances.

▶▶Magnetometer: Identify current peaks and magnetic disturbances that may be out of range for your machine.

▶▶Acceleration: Shock and vibrations up to 3.2 kHz. Compare mean and variance of signals in different times to identify drifts in machine behavior.

▶▶Light: Exposure to light, log breaches in closed spaces

▶▶ Sensor housing with protection class IP67 for applications in harsh environments Bluetooth Low Energy



Small, efficient, robust - one simple sensor for I4.0 and logistics

Price:  Free