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ThingBook Messenger


Connecting users with things, companies and services.


ThingBook is a mobile messenger app where users connect with their things, services, companies and peers. As a company you can use ThingBook to deliver dedicated digital services to their customers with a short time to market. It also gives you easy access to a set of features. These digital services can be created and sold with the help of the Bosch Developer Portal and the Bosch IoT Marketplace.

Benefits of ThingBook:

▶ Enjoy intuitive, unified and efficient interaction with things, services, companies and peers based on ThingBook’s messenger design

▶ Use one app for all Bosch products

▶ Profit from a network of users and drive innovation based on customer insights, across all industries

▶ Manage and interact with your things and easily enhance them with additional services

this is a BETA version and is only available for Bosch employees. The interaction with Things, Services & Companies will be available in further releases.

Price:  Free
Category:  Business Tools