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Threema Work


An instant messaging app designed for enterprise use.


Threema Work is the Threema version for companies and organizations. The secure chat app safeguards your company data and protects the privacy of employees, business partners, and customers. It offers the same high level of security and the unparalleled metadata restraint that millions of private Threema users already benefit from. Threema Work is fully compliant with the European privacy legislation (GDPR).

App features:

  • Send text and voice messages
  • Create groups and distribution lists
  • Make end-to-end encrypted voice calls
  • Send any kind of file (PDFs, Office documents, etc.)
  • Share pictures, videos, and locations
  • Easily find agreements among group members using the unique poll feature
  • Verify contacts’ identities by scanning their personal QR codes (and thereby prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks)
  • Effortlessly integrate Threema Work into an existing MDM/EMM system
  • Use Threema Work also on tablets

Price:  Free
Category:  Business Tools