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Robert Bosch Engineering India

An Innovative Tool For Engineers


The iNVH app is a unique application developed by Robert Bosch Engineers, to overcome one of the challenges of field engineers today. An innovative tool to support subjective noise assessments in the field and easy connectivity to Bosch NVH engineers. The tool comes in with a simple to use sound level meter (SLM) module, overall level vs. time module and time data module. The app uses basically the inbuilt microphones and accelerometers, which makes is very convenient. The app come built in with latest calibration values for most range of mobiles (as every mobile is different in its own way). However, there is also a sound calibration tool included to improve the accuracy of the noise measurement. This calibration tool is an octave band based tool, as compared to most single value calibration available in the market. The octave band calibration allows the user to do a sensitivity correction in each and every frequency band. For certain mobiles the level of accuracy may not be up-to the mark, hence it is always advisable to do a calibration with an already calibrated phone in the market in order to improve the accuracy. Vibration however is limited to useful frequency of 100 Hz and the mobile weight.
Thanks to the interactive and simple GUI, in addition to being a tool to support subjective assessments, the app can also be used by students who intend to do some simple acoustic measurements for their projects, or operator safety assessments and many other applications. Another feature of the app allows user to record either the processed data or the raw data to be saved and then sent to Bosch engineers for further support or feedback. Theoretically there is no limitation to the size of data that can be stored, and it is depended on the memory available for mobile.
The app by default contains noise calibration values for: Galaxy S Duos, Nexus S, Google Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Moto G, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Note 2, LG Optimus 7, Galaxy S2, HTC Butterfly, Xperia L.
Currently the app only supports android mobile phones and not android tablets.

Price:  Free
Category:  Utilities

Requires 3.2 and up.